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Life Skills for a Complex World

Entrepreneur turned thriller writer Aroon Raman talks compellingly about transforming yourself and your company to meet the dis-ruptive challenges of the future. Drawing examples from real life and using humour and applied wisdom, he explores new pathways to management at every level of the organization – all with a unique dose of fun, laughter – and of course SUS-PENSE!!

Stories past and present

These are talks drawn from India’s past and present. Each of them will deeply engage and move listeners while ex-panding their horizons and perspec-tives on life.

  • Can Life Actually Be a Thriller?

    As children we live in a rich make-believe world of imagination – where’s life’s possibilities are endless. But as we become older, we lose this ability and settle for a life of unthinking rou-tine. Using humour and applied wis-dom, Aroon Raman will speak on how to nurture a rich inner world – one that can help us successfully navigate an increasingly challenging world.

  • Crime and Punishment – a Story from Mughal India

    Indian history is filled with amazing stories. The complete range of human interest and experience is reflected in these episodes that feature unique characters on the stage of Indian history. In this talk, Aroon Raman will narrate a few of these episodes with a view to making them come alive in the minds of his audience and draw parallels and lessons for many of the problems of modern life.

  • Encounters High and Low

    From pickpockets to Warren Buffet, famous authors to roadside po-ets…Aroon Raman has met many unusual and interesting people in his journey through life. This is a fun-filled, entertaining talk on some of these encounters, revealing star-tling perspectives that force us to re-examine our mind-sets and ways of thinking.

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