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Managing in a Complex and Uncertain World

Entrepreneur turned thriller writer Aroon Raman talks compellingly about transforming yourself and your company to meet the disruptive challenges of the future. Drawing examples from real life and using humour and applied wisdom, he explores new pathways to management at every level of the organisation – all with a unique dose of fun, laughter – and of course SUSPENSE!!

Inspiring Corporate talks

  • Starting and Building a Great Company

    What are those simple yet highly effective steps to building a great company from the very first day you decide to start a business? What decisions will impact your success or failure soonest? What are the critical few things you need to focus on to ensure early results? This talk will address some of these key questions, and is aimed at both start-ups and companies in various stages of evolution.

  • The Innovation-Centric Organization

    The bigger our companies and the more successful we are, the less innovative we seem to become. Size and innovative ability seem almost opposed to each other. How can companies become highly innovative irrespective of their size and
    other. How can companies become highly innovative irrespective of thier size and nature of business? How can innovation be part of the organization’s DNA? In this practical step-by-step talk, Aroon Raman guides companies on how to build the innovation centred organisation – designed for success in a rapidly changing world.

  • Strategy Made Simple
  • Building the Indian Multinational
  • A Simple Guide to Organizational Transformation

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