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Telos provides ‘feet-on-ground’ consulting to mid and large sized corporates across the strategy spectrum. We assist companies devise crystal-clear plans and then implement them with speed and purpose. Our core mission is to create a ‘fighting-fit’, globally competitive organisation in the shortest possible time – with ever-deepening capabilities in operational excellence, innovation platforms and people focus.

While Telos works in the ‘for-profit’ space, a lot of our current focus is also with NGOs and non-profits – much of it pro-bono consulting and advisory services.

We also make selective investments in innovative companies with a strong materials science and manufacturing technology content. innovative products or technologies that are science-based with scale-up possibilities.


Where should we take our company? How should we achieve our objectives? How effective is my organisation in implementation? How can we dominate competition? How can I be truly innovative; do something path-breaking? How can I master this Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous (VUCA) world?

All CEOs have at some time or another asked themselves these questions. At Telos we do not claim to provide you with answers, but rather with the tools and thought processes that will allow you to answer them yourselves – with clarity and deep engagement.

We will then accompany you on a step-by-step journey of implementation on the ground. Telos takes on only a few select assignments, working with companies where the leadership is passionately committed.

Telos is run by Aroon Raman, an entrepreneur who ran his family companies (first in the field of electrical insulation materials and then battery separator and filtration media), built up unique capabilities and an international presence in each before divesting them to global majors in those fields. View his profile on LinkedIn. Aroon brings very strong grounded experience in starting and building world-class organisations – especially on business strategy and innovation


Telos Investments takes limited and highly selective equity positions in companies we believe have strong IPR and innovation product and science based manufacturing content. However, we tend to be choosy and very particular in our targets as we believe in bringing considerable value to investee companies by way of market contacts, technology and scale-up expertise and highly practical strategic inputs and advice.



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